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A good website hosting service is not one that is available at a reasonable price, but one that is easy to use. And with J D Webcrafters, you don't need to waste your time mastering new skills to publish your site to the World Wide Web - we provide you with a lot of charge-free tools incorporated in our Control Panel, which can help you set up a new website using a custom web theme in minutes. And we also have an immense variety of domain extensions - you can choose from among the most famous universal domain name extensions like .COM and .NET, or opt for a country-specific TLD extension such as .DE, .EU, .CA or .CO.UK.

What Is Shared Hosting?

To be able to offer inexpensive plans, web hosting providers place many customers on one and the same web hosting server. The seamless work of the shared hosting server is guaranteed by various system resource limitations that each account has to adhere to. In this way, the clients sharing the hosting server will not intervene with each other and all the websites will be functioning perfectly. The hosting servers that are best suited for this type of web hosting service are those running on Linux – a free-of-cost, open-source Operating System, which reduces the hosting vendor's upkeep fees even more.

Shared hosting is the lest expensive for starting out with your first or just testing a website idea to see if it will gain traction. With JDWeb Hosting you can upgrade to any level you need as your website begins to grow.

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