FBI Money Pac Virus

Don’t Let The Money Pac Virus Get You.

fbi money pac virus

Removing the Money PAC Virus does not appear to be to hard to do the pain is these stupid Viruses that keep attacking us on a regular bases. Spy-ware and Male-ware Identity thief Programs trying to assert themselves on us all the time. I just recently had a family member call about the FBI Money Pac that has overtaken there computer. In researching the how to get rid of it I came across this blog that explains the how to very well. In a nutshell the steps are just locating and removing the file responsible for the take over. I would go thru it here but I don’t want to take away from someone else. So i will have the link at the bottom of the page for you.

I want to take the time here to empress a pone you how important Virus and Mal-ware software is so important to have on your computer and continually update. It is one of the best and safest ways to surf the net. I know many people just can’t afford the cost of these programs  But you don’t have to go without and suffer attacks like the FBI Money Pac Virus. There are free programs that do very well and are better then Nothing at all.

Mali-Ware / Spy-Ware

Lets start with Mali-ware and Spy-ware one of the best programs that does not cost you a dime and has been used by millions of computer users is known as Spy Bot or Search and destroy. This is a open source program free to use and download. Spy Bot  not only scans and removes Mali-ware Spy-ware but defends against it by setting up a immune system not allowing program of known Mali-ware to enter or change your computer. With this immune ability this would help against the FBI Money PAC Virus and many others. I use the Spy bot program on all of my computers and just love how it works. You do have to update it your self its not automatic like your windows program or other software but it is simple to do.



Anti Virus Programs 

Anti Virus  you must have you can not surf the web without it and don’t even try. It only takes a millisecond to infect your computer, there are roaming spy bots on the net looking for unprotected computers and they will find you in seconds. The FBI Money PAC virus is one of many virus that are just waiting to deploy on an unprotected computer. (OK enough of the lecture)  So what can you do. Here are the programs I use and have used.

AVG 2012 free addition Yes AVG offers a free single use basic anti virus software that will keep your system safe until you are able to purchase there full version software. The free version is very good at protecting your computer and update on a daily basis again FREE. There paid for addition is very affordable too.

A Open Source program that I have used is call Clam Win this is a good software to help keep your system virus free. I used it for a short time before purchasing AVG and was very happy with it. Updates are free and daily so your protected.

Another program that I have just recently used on a home computer and is free to Windows users is Microsoft Essentials you must have a authenticated windows program to be able to download, but it seams to be a good Anti Virus malware defender. I’m not real familiar with it as of yet but you can fallow the link at the bottom of this page and read up on the features and make your own decision. These are the few I have used and feel good about so check them out and protect your computer from Viruses like the FBI Money PAC..

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